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ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

Start date: 01/10/2020

End date: 30/09/2022

The importance of cultural heritage as a vital element in intercultural dialogue has been formulated in a multitude of policies from international to local level being in line with the 21st Century(2017) European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century, the (2018) European Agenda for Culture, the EU’s 2018 Work Plan for Culture 2019-2022 and the UN 2030 Agenda with 17 SDGs.
The project TOGETHER – TOwards a cultural understandinG of thE oTHER– includes 6 partners (CulturePolis, EWORX, IED,  FPD , GACC, LDN)from 5 different countries(Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Georgia, Lebanon).
TOGETHER derives from the need to create and disseminate know-how regarding the intercultural dialogue among EU countries and countries outside the European territory, based on the common values cultural heritage represents in order to really empower all sectors of society to build bridges between people, reinforce mutual understanding, boost economic and social development and enable Europe and its neighbors to face common challenges as a whole context for social cohesion and sustainability. In the increasingly multi-cultural European environment of the 21rst century where more and more individuals have to manage their own multiple cultural affiliations, some people still view cultural diversity as a constraint to human and economic progress or a threat to national stability. Europe’s rich cultural heritage have the potential to promote common values, inclusion and intercultural dialogue within Europe and beyond, creating a sense of belonging, being an antidote to any confrontation society is facing nowadays.
In this context, TOGETHER targets local actors and practitioners, representatives of local alliances, cultural associations and federations, leaders of NGOs and CSOs, professionals of cultural and social centers, networks and stakeholders from the cultural and creative industry as well as public authorities and policy makers, leaders of local authorities, representatives of local and national governments; its objectives are to:     

  • Develop a transnational approach for cooperation between countries of EU and the neighboring region (the Middle East and Back Sea), established in the European common values which are generated and represented by various cultural assets and traditions of participating countries. 
  • Address the challenge of embedding intercultural dialogue processes in the Agendas of local communities for Sustainable Development
  • Empower local actors through upgrading their professional skills and competences and rendering them ‘ambassadors’ of cultural diversity and cross-cultural understanding. 
  • Develop and deliver innovative training materials, digital tools and content methodologies for successfully meeting the needs of local actors and their communities and empowering them at all levels.

The activities include respective intellectual outputs and multipliers events (National Seminars/Workshops, Final Conference); the TOGETHER IOs comprise of TOGETHER Comparative Analysis Report -IO1, Ambassadors Curriculum-IO2, TOGETHER e-Toolbox-IO3, TOGETHER Intercultural Dialogue Guidebook -IO4.

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