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Europe for Citizens – Network of towns
Start Date: 02-11-2020
End Date: 01-11-2022

The European Citizenship Network of Towns (EC-NET) is a ‘’network of Networks’’ built on the experience of key partners of 15 successful Networks of Towns from years 2009-2020, which stretches over two rounds of Europe for Citizens (2007-2013 and 2014-2020). The objective of putting these experienced municipalities, civil society groups and their citizens together again is to evaluate the long-term impact of the projects implemented as NTs over 10 years with regard to fostering European citizenship and encouraging democratic and civic participation. The core activities of the EC-NET will be 6 international events, accompanied by participatory research and interviews, local working groups, and project communication activities. The participants (policy makers, public officers, activists, citizens) will be sharing their practice and experience in order to:1 Evaluate the long-term impact of the projects implemented as NT over 10 years on: citizens, direct participants and participating institutions;2 Enhance the understanding of the programme priorities over the years – EUROSCEPTICISM, SOLIDARITY, ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP, INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE;3 Draw recommendations for the new decade of Networks of Towns and Europe for Citizens programme (or its successor);4 Have an opportunity to work together with strong partners across Europe, even after the project’s completion, thanks to the establishment of the EC-NET ENGO. The most significant tangible results will be two-folded: the EC-NET TOOLKIT (a collection of tested methodologies from 15 NT projects) will be accompanied by the EC-NET RECOMMENDATIONS (suggestions and ideas for the Future of the E4C Programme and policies for enhancing citizens’ active participation). The policy impact of the EC-NET will be achieved through creating a space for discussions for about 600 direct participants from 9 countries, reaching, at the same time about 35.000 indirect and almost all EU countries, through the links created with previous NTs.

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