International Projects

SOLID 2018 – 2020

Europe for Citizens – Network of Towns

Among Europeans there is a considerable lack of understanding of global phenomena that shape their lives and everyday experiences. This results in the weakening of European solidarity and in the stigmatising some groups. This has also given space to the rise of populism in Europe as traditional tools of policy making- such as parties and democratic control, seem not to meet citizens’ needs anymore. In consequence, this important question arose: how can Europe still be a world leader when it comes to the fight for human rights and fundamental values?

The SOLID Network of 13 towns, regions and civil society organizations from all over the EU, FYROM and Serbia is willing to face this situation, and to empower citizens themselves to provide an answer. The aim of the project is to establish a long-lasting cooperation in order to create and implement new political tools that enable local communities to have an impact on the global and European solidarity in time of institutional and humanitarian crisis.

Through 5 transnational events, Network-building and local activities we are going to:

  • Interact with the communities, local action groups, activists and policy makers
  • Raise awareness on policies and competences of the EU relative to fundamental values
  • Understand better global politics, interdependencies and phenomena that shape citizens’ every-day experiences
  • Learn about the impact of the EU decisions on local and global environment
  • Find common solutions for promoting local and global solidarity development
  • Promote opportunities for societal engagement at all European levels
  • Disseminate tools and good practices of local and global solidarity.

The outcome of the project activities will be a SOLID Network of partners able to design, test and disseminate guidelines for a new policy tool – the “Manual for Solidarity 2020” useful for for community leaders, politicians and other relevant stakeholders, and a missing puzzle in the concept of the European citizenship!

Here you can find our two years activity: