International Projects


ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

“SE-MOVEH: Social inclusion and EMployment Opportunities through the Valorization of European Cultural Heritage” is a 24 months project, involving 4 different organizations coming from Italy, France, Malta and Romania, working in different but interconnectable sectors: education of disadvantaged young adults, ICTs, Environment, EU Participatory Democracy, integration of migrants, Cultural Heritage, Public Services, Social Entrepreneurship. The cross-sectorial aspect of the project represent its strength: partner organizations with different backgrounds and specificities, but with a common objective.

2018 was European Year of Cultural Heritage and it is a priority to valorize it. This  strategic Partnership intends to do so, by supporting Social Inclusion and  entrepreneurship of disadvantaged young adults.

After sharing best practices, thanks to the study visits in the different Institutions, the project partners will co-design a unique Training model for entrepreneurship through the valorization of the European Cultural Heritage, which, after being tested at local communities level, will be released as an E-book. This output will be the main result of the Strategic Partnership and it will be freely available in the online young and adult education resource platforms EPALE and SALTO, on the project’s blog and on Social Media Platforms, so as to be used from any other organization and adapted to the specific contexts.

Thanks to the implementation of 3 International meetings (Preparatory, Intermediary and Dissemination) + 4 Learning/Trainings activities + 4 local educational activities, about 32 participants (Staff members, educators and trainers) will increase their skills and competences and at least 30 young adult learners (disadvantaged, unemployed citizens and migrants) per Country will participate in the community experimentation of the new methodology.

SE-MOVEH will have an long term impact on:

  • the ORGANIZATIONS – Exchange of best practices in Adult Education from different fields and contexts: cultural, entrepreneurial, social, digital, public services and cultural policies
  • the STAFF MEMBERS – learning from each other about how supporting the young adult learners in their learning process, for increasing their opportunities in entering the job market as main actors
  • the YOUNG ADULTS LEARNERS – acquisition of skills and competencies in the field of entrepreneurship, through the valorization of the Cultural Heritage
  • the LOCAL COMMUNITIES – valorization of the Cultural Heritage through new and fresh entrepreneurial initiatives started by disadvantaged young adults.



Output: SE-MOVEH Ebook