FATTORIA PUGLIESE DIFFUSA has reached the accreditation for Quality Label in EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS!


FATTORIA PUGLIESE DIFFUSA ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE has reached the accreditation for Quality Label in EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS as supporting and hosting young people for VOLUNTEERING and TRAINEESHIP!

The Quality Label ensures compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps. For now on, our association can submit applications for funding within set deadlines for volunteering and traineeships. The applications for the Quality Label can be submitted on a continuous basis (i.e. at any time) during the programming period.


Volunteering is a solidarity activity that takes the form of a full-time (at least 30 and not more than 38 hours per week) voluntary unpaid activity for a period of up to 12 months. It provides young people with the opportunity to contribute to the daily work of organisations in solidarity activities to the ultimate benefit of the communities within which the activities are carried out.

The volunteering activities can be done INDIVIDUAL or in TEAMS

Advantages: acquire useful experience, skills and competences for their personal, educational, social, civic and professional development, thereby improving their employability and active citizenship.

What covers: volunteering should cover the participants’ expenditure arising from participation in such solidarity activities but should not provide them with salaries or an economic benefit. Participation in volunteering activities must be free of charge for the volunteer, with the exception of possible contributions to travel costs (if the grant does not fully cover these costs) and additional expenses not linked to the implementation of the activity.

Traineeships are the solidarity activity that provide young people with opportunities for full-time (in line with national legislation) work practice, helping them to enhance their skills and experience thus facilitating their employability and transition into the labour market. A European Solidarity Corps traineeship is a period of work practice of between 2 to 6 months renewable once. Eligible traineeship activities need to meet the following conditions:

– are remunerated by the organisation providing the traineeship;

– include a learning and a training component to help the participant gain relevant experience with a view to developing competences useful for the participants’ personal, educational, social, civic and professional development;

– are based on a written traineeship agreement;

– should be clearly separated from volunteering, both from a financial and organisational point of view and should never lead to job substitution.

Traineeships should be accompanied by adequate preparation, on-the-job training and support upon return.

FATTORIA PUGLIESE DIFFUSA took part in the info day organized by the National Youth Agency in Rome on 22nd January, at Spazio Europa, to participate in the next deadlines of EU Solidarity Corps. Stay tuned!!!

For more additional information check the EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS GUIDE and the OFFICIAL PAGE